Make Your Home Your Haven of Health and Happiness

Your home should be a refuge of good health and well-being. Home is a crucial component of your identity, whether you live alone, with family, or with friends. Make your home a haven by ensuring it represents your values, needs, and hobbies.


Decluttering your environment is a crucial step in making your surroundings more tranquil. According to studies, physical clutter can impair brain clarity. It is difficult to unwind in cluttered spaces or those that have an excessive number of pointless possessions. Donate items that are rarely used. Experts say that it is best to prioritise cleanliness over style. Instead of decorating with the latest trends, concentrate on keeping your home clean and organised. Even a room filled with the most modern and sophisticated furniture won’t feel like a haven if it is messy and chaotic. Cleaning can be relaxing once you get into the habit as it helps to declutter your mind at the same time.


Natural light has been shown to benefit mental health. Open your curtains or blinds and allow your home to be exposed to sunlight whenever possible. The functionality and atmosphere of a space can be enhanced by good lighting. Any space may start to feel like a cosy sanctuary with the correct lighting. Make sure to incorporate a lot of ambient light (like soy-based candles and strings of twinkling solar-powered lights) and include a variety of sources for a layered feel. For a change in perspective, if your home has outdoor spaces, be sure to incorporate these into your living areas.

Prioritise Personal Space

Before throwing out (or donating) your old furniture, rearrange it in the space to see if that makes a difference. Simply changing a room’s layout can have a significant impact. However, if you have had your eye on signature pieces like Ligne Roset Prado sofas, then don’t be afraid to treat yourself. Whether you live alone or with other people, claim a personal place in your house that is significant and special to you. Surround yourself with things you love as this can instantly improve your mood. When you include treasured items in your space, such as personal photos, souvenirs from travels, or family heirlooms, you give the space significance and meaning.

Go Chemical-Free

Limit the use of chemicals in your home wherever possible. An organic home is one that nurtures. Make a commitment to using less detergents and cleaning supplies that are high in chemicals and to switching to natural options that are better for your skin and overall health. You can even opt to make your own from household staples like bicarbonate and vinegar. Always choose soy-based candles instead of products created with paraffin. Many contain different oils like lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus for relaxation and mental clarity.

A home is not merely a place to live. It ought to be a sanctuary where you can unwind and feel cared for. Try these suggestions and organisational tips to make your home a sanctuary of health and happiness.

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