Modernising Your Home: 101

 Perhaps you have been residing in your current property for a number of years and are finally looking to redesign and redecorate with a view to a more modern and contemporary design. Conversely, you may have just purchased your new home for a reasonable price, knowing full well that you will need to make more than a few changes when it comes to the interior design.

Either way, you have come to the right place as here is a concise guide to modernising your home.

Introduce Glass in Other Places

Instead of the only place in which glass is featured throughout the home being your windows and possibly your front door, this is not enough to modernise your home.

Modern home design and glass are the perfect pairing and as such, start to consider those areas or features within your home that could be replaced with clear glass. From shower curtains being replaced with clear glass shower screens and replacing a wooden door with a glass-panelled alternative to access your living room, the more glass features, the better. 

Smart Lighting

Another mainstay of a modern home is to invest in smart lighting, which comes down to lightbulbs and lighting hubs that can be controlled remotely on your mobile phone and tablet.

Smart lighting systems can be preset to come on when you decide, change the shades and tones of the lighting in different rooms at different times, and you can also program different colours into your lighting system too.

If you already have a smart home hub, such as a Google Dot or an Amazon Echo, it is highly likely that any smart lightbulbs you install into your existing fittings will be Bluetooth compliant with one another. 

Add an Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are far more affordable than many people think and what is more, make for the most stunning focal point of a room. From your living room to your master bedroom, a modern electric fireplace is easy to install and will provide the room with heat, ambiance, and atmosphere.

Take a look at the range of electric fireplaces from Stonewoods and choose a modern and ornate design for a perfect way to add a contemporary flair to your home’s design. 

Switch to Floorboards

The fourth and final mainstay of a modern home is a sharp, clean, and crisp aesthetic when it comes to the choice of floor covering.

Although, admittedly, replacing your carpets with floorboards or laminate flooring can be more expensive, if you can justify the money, this change will become the pinnacle of your newly modernised home.

Carpets, of course, have their positives, such as the fact that the floor is warmer underfoot and the general insulation of your home is heightened. However, there are numerous benefits of upgrading the flooring to floorboards, including their low maintenance nature, higher durability and strength, and the fact that floorboards and laminate flooring are entirely hypoallergenic. If you are concerned about warmth, you can install underfloor heating and insulation.

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